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CHI Holistic Health

CHI Transformation Trio

CHI Transformation Trio

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We ALL need a best PAL.  As a BASELINE minimum to get your health AND keep your health, I recommend these 3 things DAILY: 

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CHI Transformation Trio:

This Transformation Trio covers the basis for your SuperStar Supplement Staples in Phase 1 triangle of your CHI Pyramid.  I designed these to cover the foundations of what every client is missing no matter their genetics, perfect diet, sleep and personal care routine.  Thousands of labs over the last 10 years have revealed to me that this is what even the most advanced client I work with is missing.

My most successful clients take these daily as insurance, and I recommend you do too to:

  • Cleanse your body of toxins you’re exposed to daily (yes, even if you eat perfect and bath in essential oils)
  • Heal your Hormones by supporting your body’s ability to adapt to physical, emotional and chemical stress
  • Ignite your inner purpose by giving you the energy you need to create and chase your dreams.

This is why these are all so important:

  • 80% of your immune system lives in your gut - it’s called microbes and mucosa. This blend of probiotics strengthens both by seeding your gut with spores, far superior to store bought refrigerated kind that don’t survive the stomach and don’t even get to the colon, where probiotics work their magic. Also your skin health is dependent on your gut health.
  • Your adrenals are the first responder to stress of ANY kind and we are living in it 24/7 today, hence we ALL need to support this gland daily to improve energy, sleep, adapting to stress, as well as sex drive, weight loss and muscle tone! It’s got 5 stars for a reason. This is a LIFE saver and Game Changer as it supports the balance of stress, sex and sleep hormone production as well as thyroid hormone production and utilization.  The less stress you have, the better your immune system functions.
  • Your liver has over 500+ jobs - one of which is to convert hormones to their usable form and another to clear ones that have been used. If you have hormone problems, you have liver congestion and it’s paramount, you support this organ. The healthier your liver, the happier your hormones and hence the younger you look and the more energized you feel.
  • Your gall bladder stores bile which transports toxins out of the body, of which there are hundreds of thousands now, that are the main cause for illness today. When you support detox pathways, toxins can get out. When the GB thrives, so can you.
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