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CHI Holistic Health

The CHI Holistic Health Certification Program + VIP Tribe Subscription

The CHI Holistic Health Certification Program + VIP Tribe Subscription

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Master The PROVEN Framework That Beats Even the Scariest Health Challenges…

…without pills, surgeries or dealing with doctors who can’t (or won’t) help

And even use it to ignite your health practice so you can live your dream life doing work that makes a difference.

Become a certified coach for you, your family (and your clients) with a one-of-a-kind framework that conquers diseases and symptoms from every angle…in just 6 months.

The CHH Certification is a 6-month program where you’ll learn through first-hand experience by applying each module to yourself as you go through your own healing journey. Core Curriculum (25 hours).

Learn Business strategies: How to make money, build wealth, protect your practice, attract clients and leverage affiliate and health professional partnerships.

Understand common law: learn to operate with freedom as a health coach and get around strict regulations imposed by big organizations so you can get the best results for clients – without landing in hot water.

After this course, you'll...

  • Be a go-to root-cause medicine expert
  • Stand head and shoulders above 95% of coaches (and Western doctors!)
  • Feel 110% confident in managing anyone’s health
  • NEVER AGAIN deal with doctors, pills or hospital bills
  • Have the tools to help your family and friends reclaim their health
  • Get a shiny CHI Institute certificate
  • Have everything you need to launch or level up your health practice

The CHI Holistic Health Certification Program Includes... 

✅ LIFETIME Access to 8 in-depth Training Modules ($1997 Value)
✅ # Business coaching modules ($1,697 Value)
✅ x6 White label handouts ($1497 Value)
✅ x7 Bonus Ebooks ($1503 Value)
✅ x8 Bonus Videos ($997 Value)
✅ x7 Days FREE inside the WFL VIP Mastermind ($291 value)


All product purchases include a trial to the VIP Mastermind Membership in order to provide you with a support platform for product questions. You can cancel at anytime.

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Stop navigating the complex maze of modern medicine and superficial solutions that lead nowhere

Achieve perfect health, purpose, and power by purifying your body of harmful toxins, addressing the root cause of your symptoms, and transforming your life from the inside out. With courage and confidence, overcome weight gain, body pain, broken brain, and energy depletion. Reclaim control of your health and wellness today! 💪