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The Explant Solution - Overcoming Breast Implant Illness + VIP Tribe Subscription

The Explant Solution - Overcoming Breast Implant Illness + VIP Tribe Subscription

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"Removing your breast implants is Only Step 1 to Healing…and only HALF the battle”  

The good news is that I will teach you ‘the other HALF’ through this course on Overcoming BII, The Explant Solution contains the answers you’ve been searching for. 


Module 1 - Module 21
1. My story & Getting to the Heart of Yours
2. What is Breast Implant Illness?
3. Do I have BII? What are the symptoms? If so, what now?
​4. Choosing a Doctor & Questions to ask your Surgeon (including Recommended surgeon Resource)
​5. Working with your Insurance
​6. Proper Explant Procedures you Need to Know
​7. Beautiful Breasts Post Explant - Fat transfer, lifts and Cosmetic options
8. ​“Crucial Conversations” - Self Love talk + communicating with Loved ones about Explant
9. ​​Labs, Scans and Toxic Load Assessments
​10. Creating your A Team of Explant Health Professionals
​​11. Finances & Explant - Saving $ & What to Expect
12. ​​Diet recommendations & Reducing Inflammation (+ Fat Loss)
13. Fitness Pre & Post Explant
​14. Reducing Toxic Load in Beauty & Beyond
​15. Recommended products and supplements/things to prepare for surgery
16. ​Explant Checklist + Travel Packing guide
​17. Top 5 Myths about BII to Reframe
​18. Advanced Detox - Myths and Mastery Pre & Post Explant
​19. Life After Explant & Changes to expect
​20. Emotional Empowerment & Mindset Mastery
​21. Going Deeper & Pulling it all Together
Lean into this library of liberation that will lift you into the light of looking inward for answers.

You'll Get

  • Access to all 21 Course Modules and Videos ($997)
  • Go at your own pace - as Fast or Slow as you like
  • The opportunity to connect with me in my online community for additional, customized support
  • ​REAL talk on how to prepare for explant, how to partner with an experienced surgeon who genuinely cares to ensure a successful surgery, the right way to cleanse, and more…
  • ​Discounts on Supplements & Detox Products

Plus These Bonuses

  • Supplement Protocol ($297 value)
  • Advanced Detox Strategy ($497 value)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Guide ($37 value)
  • ​The Warrior Cleanse Recipe Book ($37 value) 
  • ​Beauty Detox Checklist ($197 value)


All product purchases include a trial to the VIP Mastermind Membership in order to provide you with a support platform for product questions. You can cancel at anytime.

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